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RAMUNĖ ČIČIRKAITĖ Research fellow, Dr.


LAIMA NEVINSKAITĖ Senior research fellow, Dr.

daina urbonaitė Doctoral student
LORETA VAICEKAUSKIENĖ Senior research fellow, prof. Dr.
INGA VYŠNIAUSKIENĖ Junior research fellow, doctoral student

VUK VUKOTIČ Research fellow, Dr.
The idea of creating this website was born at the Department of Sociolinguistics of the Institute of the Lithuanian Language. The first reason behind this idea was the lack of research dissemination in Lithuania in general. Secondly, the sociolinguistic research appeals to a wider audience than just researchers and professionals. This is evident from the public discourse, the ongoing debates, and thousands of metalinguistic comments in the public sphere. The Lithuanian language community is no different from any other linguistic community – the language is a very important constituent of our individual, social and state identity. Nevertheless, the dominant tone is slightly specific in Lithuania, focusing more on the threats to the language, narrowly perceived correct standard and language corrections, while little attention is paid to language variation and change.

We believe that it is necessary to promote an understanding of what language is and how it functions in modern society. Research shows that there is need for such an approach.

The content of this website is mainly created by the Department of Sociolinguistics; however, we also publish other stimulating works by our colleagues, project partners, and authors reflecting upon various sociolinguistic topics. The website contains various sections: some are intended for researchers, others for students and teachers who lecture on sociolinguistic topics, but generally everyone interested in variation and change of contemporary Lithuanian is invited to browse and have a look.

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