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Vuk Vukotič

Vuk Vukotič
Research Fellow, Dr.
About me

I graduated Scandinavian philology (Norwegian language) in 2011 at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. In 2013, I graduated in International Communication ar the Faculty of Communication, Vilnius University. Thesis: “Framing across cultures: Comparing same-sex marriage framing in four European Cultures”.

In September 2013 I started my PhD studies at the Institute of the Lithuanian Language, Department of Sociolinguistics. My PhD project focuses on language ideologies in the Baltics, Balkans and Scandinavia in typological perspective. I will analyse standard and “grassroots” language ideologies, as well as the influence of history, politics and economy on the development of language ideology.

Research interests:
• Language ideologies and standards
• Language contacts
• Language politics and culture
• Intercultural communication

"Social engineers and myth-busters: A comparative research on Lithuanian, Norwegian and Serbian language experts." Taikomoji kalbotyra 13, 2019, 292-344.

"The power of top-down language planning: a comparative investigation of three European regions". Darbai ir dienos 71, 2019, 11-31.

Vukotić, Vuk. Language serves the people, not the other way around! Ideologies of language in Lithuania, Norway, Serbia and the Baltic, Scandinavian and Ex-Yugoslav regions. A typological perspective on metalinguistic media discourses and language policies. PhD dissertation. Vilnius: Research Institute of the Lithuanian Language, 2019. Full text  Summary 

““A Language Expert Protects True Values and National Interests”: A Look into the Construction of Linguistic Expertise in the Metalinguistic Discourses in Lithuania and Serbia”, Komunikacija i kultura online 2016 (7). 

“What does “language” mean for its users? Constructing a theoretical model of a notion of language in the public space”, Taikomoji kalbotyra, 2016 (8). 

„Conflicting notions of language in metalinguistic discourses in Lithuania, Norway and Serbia“, Taikomoji kalbotyra, 2014 (5). 
Conference presentations and seminars

“Can we compare language ideologies?” International Conference on Sociolinguistics 2, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, September 6-9, 2018.

"Standard-language-nationalism between Politics and Academia in Lithuania and Serbia", AABS Conference, Stanford, USA, June 1-3, 2018.

"Kalbinio autoriteto samprata ir interdiskursyvumas – Lietuvos ir Serbijos atvejai", Socforumas, Molėtų observatorija, 2017-05-20.

"Construction of linguistic expertise among language users: Cases of Lithuania and Serbia", Sociolinguistics Symposium 21, Murcia (Spain), 15-18 June, 2016.

"Brave new words: The political functions of purist and monolingual language policies in post-1990 in Croatia and Lithuania", International conference on language policy in multicultural and multilingual settings, Mandalay (Myanmar), 8-11 February 2016. (online participation)

Folk notions of language: Four unique metaphors of language in metalinguistic online commentaries in Lithuania, Norway and Serbia", Language in Media conference 6, Hamburg (Germany), 7-9 September 2015.

"After purism: Language as a competing product. On the metalinguistic discourse in online discussions about the Lithuanian language", GLOBE 2015: East-West forum on discourse, Warsaw (Poland), 14-16 May 2015. .

"From zero to complete language control: State-level language ideologies in Balkans and Scandinavia“, Young Linguists' International Conference, Stockholm (Sweden), 28 June 2014.

"They cannot speak their mother tongue!” Online commentaries about ”decreasing” language competencies in Serbia, Sweden and Lithuania“, Sociolinguistic Symposium 20, Jyväskylä (Finnland), 15-18 June 2014.

“Expressing language ideologies in public discourse – methodological approaches”, seminar for young researchers Užuovėjos, Nida (Lithuania), 12-15 June 2013.