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Lithuanian language ideals

Corpus of the Lithuanian Broadcast Media 1960–2010

The Corpus of the Lithuanian Broadcast Media was compiled from selected TV and radio broadcasts and their fragments. The transcriptions have been annotated according the principles of the corpus linguistics, i.e. various relevant linguistic elements, broadcast genres and speakers’ types (roles) were coded. The Corpus facilitates the analysis of language variation and change in broadcast media. Read more about the composition of the Corpus

The broadcasts were transcribed and annotated with the CLAN software. Later the transcriptions were linked with video/audio data. On the right you can see a transcribed and annotated fragment of one radio broadcast from year 1961.

Our project is aimed to reveal the linguistic changes of public speech and style shifts in public use of language: how language has been used in formal settings and what features are characteristic to informal talk? Thus, we have coded various significant (extra)linguistic features, for example, the forms of address, which show different politeness strategies, colloquial lexis, discourse markers, repetitions, self-corrections, laughter, and etc. The Corpus was also parsed morphologically, which allows us to conduct the linguistic analysis of and in relation to the morphological structure. The phonetic variation is analysed using auditory method.